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Advance Design Structural Analysis Software promo

Save BIG on Graitec Advance Design Solutions for Structural Engineering

From now until December 21, 2021, Graitec USA is offering past and current customers 2 ways to save and start using the latest product advancements of our flagship structural modeling and analysis solution Advance Design.

  • Get Current offer - Save up to 65%: If you own a older version of Advance Design (2020 or previous), get upgraded to the latest 2022 release with maintenance. This move to the newest technology will only cost you 1.5 times the regular price of the annual Maintenance plan. 
  • Go Ultimate offer - Save 30%: If you are a current Advance Design Premium customer, on maintenance, you can get 30% off the regular price when you upgrade to the Advance Design Ultimate package with maintenance.

About Graitec Advance Design

Advance Design 2022 is a modern and fully BIM-compliant FEM solution with functionality including export, import and synchronisation links direct with Autodesk Revit, Autodesk Advance Steel and other programs using industry standard file types. Our software solution is:

  • Supported by a strong team of experts, including structural engineers 
  • Flexible in terms of licensing options (licenses or subscriptions, sigle user or network)
  • Used worldwide with thousands of customer references
  • Integrated with North American codes, Eurocodes and more

To find out more about Advance Design packages and capabilities click these links: 

Make the move now to benefit from Advance Design’s functionality today, and get a faster return on investment through savings!

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