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Latest News From Graitec USA, Inc.

Please check back from time to time to ensure you keep up to date on what's happening in and around Graitec USA, Inc. and the Graitec group.

Graitec releases version 2021 of its flagship software: Advance PowerPack, Advance Design, Advance Workshop and Graitec Opentree

May 2020 – GRAITEC, a truly international BIM, Design, Simulation, Fabrication and Data Management software developer for AEC, and Autodesk® Partner across Europe, Russia, USA & Canada is delighted to announce the availability the new version 2021 of its flagship products: Advance PowerPack, Advance Design, Advance Workshop and Graitec Opentree.

Graitec is a BIM software company helping customers to digitize their processes in the design, fabrication and construction space. These products are organized and sold around our 4 main business pillars:

CREATE: all products related to model creation & detailed design. This involves many Autodesk® products (Autodesk Revit®, Autodesk Advance Steel®, etc.) and our Advance PowerPack add-ons.
Main product: Advance PowerPack®

SIMULATE: all products helping our customers to enrich BIM models with simulation data and better optimize projects. Also making sure that designs are compliant with local construction codes, from a structural or thermal point of view.
Main product: Advance Design®

FABRICATE: all products taking the design data and bringing it to workshop for automating the fabrication. We are talking about stock management, material optimisation (nesting), driving machines (NC coding), monitoring time and costs, loading trucks and delivery to sites.
Main product: Advance Workshop®

MANAGE: all products helping customers to manage W.I.P (Work in Progress) data across the project, managing revision/versions, standards and the publication of project information into CDEs and helping compliancy with the new ISO 19650 international BIM standard.
Main product: Graitec Opentree®

Release 2021 introduces major changes in the product structure and brings a huge number of new functionalities aiming to facilitate and secure BIM workflows across architects, engineers and manufacturers, increase efficiency and ease of use and address loyal customer's feedback and ideas.

Says Steve Houlder, Graitec COO: With this latest 2021 release of our software, we have the ability to take conceptual model data through to fabrication and site delivery through our unique partnership with Autodesk and Graitec products. We make “ideas happen” – not just on paper, but through our ability to fabricate and construct…this end to end solution, as we move more toward more pre-fabrication will continue to make the process and workflow far easier for our clients, and in the end save time and money and reduce mistakes.

Says Manuel Liedot, Graitec CEO: We help our customers to CREATE data-rich models enabling the best possible design decisions to be made, SIMULATE their behavior to make them perform better, FABRICATE as automatically as possible, driving down the costs of time and resources and MANAGE data all along the process. With release 2021, we have made a huge step forward in integrating our technologies and help our customers to accelerate their BIM journey.

COVID-19: Thank you letter to our employees, customers and partners

Houston, May 19, 2020 

These past few months have affected the lives of people around the globe. Our points of reference changed overnight. We were forced to modify instantly our habits and discover a new norm for work, school, and living.

We learned social distancing, developed home/work routines, implemented Zoom and Team meetings. We are repeatedly washing our hands, and people wear masks to protect themselves, family members, peers, strangers.

But through this collective experience, we’re all discovering a new strength. Community values are shining through in beautiful ways. For many, technology is helping break the isolation.

Today, I would like to acknowledge the strength in our team. Each member works tirelessly, harnessing all their energy and skills to meet the needs of our customers and partners. They do whatever it takes to get the job done.

For that, I want to thank all Graitec employees who have adjusted their way of working to continue supporting our valued customers and partners. Through online training, collaboration, and consulting services, they are providing the tools to develop knowledge and tailor processes and workflows to fit new standards. I am proud of the work values, spirit, and unity I have observed in our employees across North America, as they adapt to a new reality.

To our customers and partners, we know how extraordinary these times are for you and your business. We believe solidarity will help us get through this together. We will continue to provide you the utmost support and services.

In these moments of uncertainty, there is one thing you can always count on—our commitment to you and your success. We are extremely honored to serve and partner with you today and in the future.

Together we are stronger!

Hugo Michaud LinkedIn

Hugo Michaud
General Manager, North America

Graitec Earns its First Autodesk Platinum Club Award in North America

Montreal, March 11, 2020 – Graitec Inc., North American subsidiary of international software developer and BIM consulting firm Graitec, is extremely proud to announce it’s team has been awarded a coveted Autodesk Platinum Club Award, leading Autodesk’s  entire North American Channel for “Highest Adoption Rate in North America”.

The announcement was made official at the Autodesk One Team Conference held last week in Las Vegas, Nevada, where Graitec EMEA also received for the 5th consecutive year “Top Reseller in Net Subscription Growth".

For the Graitec North America team, receiving the “Highest Adoption Rate Award” is the ultimate reward for the its hard work when it comes to helping customers select the Autodesk solution that is right for them, and helping users get up-and-running with the latest technology and make the most use of their Autodesk Software. This award confirms that any customer wanting to invest in Autodesk technology should do so through Graitec to maximize their investment. The mix of professional service combined with Graitec technology assures faster and better adoption of their Autodesk software.

Hugo Michaud, General Manager for North America states: “This award certainly attests to the fact that Graitec is first and foremost a customer-centric company. Our goal is to stand out in terms of consulting services, software training and technical support.” He continues: “Although the company has been providing North America with Graitec-branded software solutions since 2001, we only obtained Autodesk Value Added Reseller status 3 years ago. So, in a sense, this means we are surpassing companies who have been doing this since the mid-eighties and nineties. What we have accomplished in that short period of time is absolutely phenomenal!”

As the group furthers its growth through its progressive Create, Simulate, Fabricate and Manage strategy, we would like to take this time to thank Graitec customers who have chosen us as their preferred Autodesk partner, and thank the dedicated Graitec employees who consistently go above and beyond to service these customers, partnering in the reach of their goals. 

Apax Partners invests in GRAITEC, International software publisher and distributor of BIM Solutions

apax partners private equity business investment g venture capital 300x98

Paris, France, December 20, 2019 - Apax Partners announces the acquisition of GRAITEC, publisher and distributor in Europe and America, of BIM (Building Information Modelling software for design, calculation, simulation, manufacturing and collaborative management.

Apax Partners has signed an acquisition protocol for a majority stake in GRAITEC alongside its founder Francis Guillemard and the management team who are significantly reinvesting in the transaction.

GRAITEC offers software solutions that meet the digitalization needs of the architecture, engineering and construction industries through a portfolio of innovative products, both developed internally and by its historical partner Autodesk, the world leader in BIM solutions.

The company enjoys Autodesk Platinum reseller status across Europe and Gold in the United States, Canada and Russia. With nearly 550 employees and a network of 48 offices in 13 countries, GRAITEC distributes its solutions to 15,000 customers, representing nearly 135,000 active users.

Francis Guillemard, Founder and Chairman of the GRAITEC Group, said: "Thanks to Apax as a new investor, GRAITEC aims to become a leader in BIM by expanding its existing software portfolio and developing the distribution of innovative BIM solutions. This will include an ambitious acquisition strategy for which we have strong support from our new partner."

Gilles Rigal and Thomas de Villeneuve, Partners at Apax Partners, said: "Under the leadership of its founder Francis Guillemard, Manuel Liedot - CEO - and his management team, GRAITEC has grown very rapidly over the past few years. TODAY, GRAITEC is a reputable company with a large international presence, with high growth potential, market leader. We are pleased to support Francis Guillemard and his teams in their very active development ambitions, notably through the acceleration of its international expansion and the consolidation of other players in the market for software solutions for digitalization of construction."

Bertrand Limoges, Associate Director at Isatis Capital, welcomes this transaction and is very pleased with Isatis Capital's contribution to the development of GRAITEC Group over the past five years, by supporting its executives in their transformation from value-up SMEs to added to international ETI.

About Apax Partners

Apax Partners is one of Europe's leading private equity firms. With more than 45 years of experience, Apax Partners supports companies over time to become leaders in their sector. The funds managed and advised by Apax Partners amount to more than 3.3 billion euros. These funds invest in fast-growing SMEs and ETIs in four specialization sectors: TMT, Consumer, Health and Services.

Apax Partners, based in Paris (, and Apax Partners, based in London (, have a common history but are two independent companies.



Founded in 1986, an international group, GRAITEC's mission is to support the digital transformation of its customers by offering software solutions, consulting and training in the field of BIM.

GRAITEC is a high value-added BIM solutions company for design, computing, simulation, manufacturing and collaborative management, and an Autodesk® Platinum partner in Europe and GOLD in North America and Russia.

Present in 48 agencies in 13 countries around the world, with more than 550 employees, including more than 200 BIM consultants, GRAITEC is focused on innovation whose products are used by more than 100,000 construction professionals worldwide.


About ISATIS Capital

ISATIS Capital is an independent management company that invests in profitable, growing SMEs and supports them sustainably.

The ISATIS Capital team, with 18 years of experience, now manages more than 400 million euros through Professional Investment Capital Funds dedicated to institutional clients, FIP and FCPI distributed in private banks and with wealth management advisors, as well as through the perpetual CPF Isatis Capital Life and Retirement for life insurance contracts and retirement products.


Contact Graitec

Murielle Demange
President Personal Assistant 

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Graitec Lauches BIMup Global Digital Conference

Graitec bimup global digital conference web banner

September 2019 – GRAITEC, a truly international BIM, Design, Simulation, Fabrication and Data Management software developer for AEC, and Autodesk® Partner across Europe, Russia, USA & Canada, is delighted to announce it will be holding a global BIMUp Digital conference on the 8/9/10th of October for its customers and potential customers. This unique event will follow the successful core Graitec philosophy of Design – Simulate – Fabricate – Manage with our service offering of BIMUp.

Graitec Design Simulate Fabricate Manage web banner

Graitec’s BIMUp methodology was designed with the foundation of ‘000’s of successful BIM Implementations across the globe, by breaking down 5 key pillars of BIM:

• The BIM technology implementation
• Individual/Personalised training
• BIM project management
• BIM standards deployment
• Collaboration

By adding additional Graitec productivity tools such as Graitec Advance PowerPack for Revit, and full technical support, customers can be safe in the knowledge that partnering with Graitec will provide a clear path for their BIM Journey, enabling them to be up and running quickly and benefit from a successful outcome.

The digital conference, which will be held over 3 days will be in multiple time zones and languages. Graitec will provide learning classes for all aspects of BIM including the latest software technologies, working methodologies and practices. This is a great event for anyone who is looking to enter the BIM arena or is currently using BIM as part of their processes.

Registration is now open so please register here!

*customers will be personally invited to join.

Says Steve Houlder, Graitec COO: Following on from our European BIM Tours, we have decided to hold the event as a digital conference allowing us to address all of our customers and potential customers with a mixture of live and recorded training and educational classes across the countries we serve. We expect in excess of 3,000 people to attend our sessions, helping people Design, Simulate, Fabricate and Manage their BIM projects.

Says Manuel Liedot, Graitec CEO: Graitec is committed to help its customers to digitize their processes from early design through to fabrication and construction. The BIM Up digital conference is a fantastic way to serve these projects by addressing our clients in multiple languages and at a time that suits them, delivering tailored content to enable their BIM Journey. I invite everyone who has some interest in BIM to register and attend.


Founded in 1986, international group GRAITEC helps construction and manufacturing professionals successfully achieve their digital transformation by providing BIM and Industry 4.0 software and consultancy. Graitec is a developer of high-performance BIM applications as well as an Autodesk Platinum Partner in Europe and Gold Autodesk Partner in North America and Russia.

Operating throughout 48 offices across 13 countries worldwide, GRAITEC offers its clients an extensive range of established software solutions combined with the full portfolio of Autodesk products and BIM suites which help address the most demanding projects needs and maximize productivity, efficiency and performance. With more than 550 employees amongst which there are 200 BIM consultants, GRAITEC is an innovation focused company whose products are used by more than 100,000 construction professionals worldwide.

For more information, please visit


For further information, please contact:

Dave Talbot
GRAITEC Innovation
17 Burospace
91570 Bievres
Phone: +44 (0)23 8086 8947
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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