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Graitec 2023 Product Webinar Series

Join us online the week of June 13, 2022 to discover more about the Graitec products you love and the advantages of upgrading.

With 28 events to choose from, there is something for everyone in AEC and Manufacturing, starting with seven"What's new overview sessions" for: Advance Design, Advance Workshop, Opentree, PowerPack for Revit, PowerPack for Advance Steel, PowerPack for Inventor or PowerPack for Vault.

And you can learn even more!

Select from 21 more sessions that each focus on one key feature.

PowerPack for Advance Steel 2023 sessions:
• Line to Grid tool
• Multi-Grid & Level macro
• Camera Creator Macro for showcasing bespoke details
• New Stair Features

PowerPack for Revit 2023 sessions:
• Family Manager and Batch Export
• Link to Excel
• BIM Connect – New Engineering <=> Revit workflows
• Reinforcement detailing and Scheduling

PowerPack for Vault 2023 sessions:
• New functions for Administrators and Key users
• GUI for Configure Jobs

PowerPack for Inventor 2023 sessions:
• Remove illogic / Read Inventor version/ Border Frame Swap

Advance Design 2023 sessions:
• Defining and working with Construction stages
• Introducing Brand new Masonry walls module
• Wind on free standing walls (EN 1991-1-4)
• Non-linear 'supports and releases'

Advance Workshop 2023 sessions:
• Focus on Rebar Production Management
• Focus on Steel Production Management
• Material Resource Planning Module
• From Design to Fabrication with Autodesk Advance Steel and Graitec Advance Workshop

Opentree 2023 sessions:
• Group Documents Using Sets
• Bulk Import with Drag & Drop
• DWG to PDF - Applying Plot Styles
• DWG Xrefs – Locking or Binding

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Can't attend? By registering, you also get access to the recordings once the event is over.

About Graitec PowerPacks

The Graitec PowerPacks are powerful plugins for Autodesk software that enhance productivity and streamline workflows on day-to-day projects and the 2023 versions are now even more valuable, containing multiple improvements and new commands.

With Advance PowerPack 2023, Graitec delivers to Autodesk users highly valuable tools to increase their productivity and efficiency when using Autodesk solutions such as Advance Steel®, Revit®, Inventor® or Vault® with 00’s of new features in different areas.

About Graitec Advance Design

Advance Design is a mature and easy to use FEM Structural Analysis solution dedicated to structural engineers operating in a CAD and/or BIM environments. It fully designs any type of structure, with any kind of loads, mixing concrete, timber and steel members. It includes major code standards (Eurocodes / North American).

This version 2023 of Advance Design is enhanced with a lot of new users-centric improvements and functionality, with high-end benefits, articulated around: Performance, Construction stages, Advanced non-linear supports, Masonry structures, Wind on free standing walls, Result tables, Reinforcement concrete design.

About Opentree

 Graitec Opentree 2023 is the second major release under Graitec since the January 2019 acquisition. Taking the history of “Cabinet” we have extended our technology to aid efficient drawing and document management for Architects and Engineers. This release also introduces several key features as well as improvements to the interface, simplifying common operations and improving overall usability. Less time spent doing repetitive tasks means more efficient use of time.

A familiar interface that is fast, behind your firewall and an essential companion to managing all your work in progress, issued and published deliverables.

About Advance Workshop

With  our decades of history and experience supporting Steel fabrication companies, structural steel detailers and structural engineering companies, we are proud de bring to market Graitec Advance Workshop, a new enterprise system designers especially for steel fabricators and processors to allow them to take control of their production.

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