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As of February 2016, Autodesk changed the way customers can purchase their software. Perpetual licences are no longer available and as such Autodesk now offer their software as a subscription licence only.

Meaning the initial start-up cost to use an Autodesk product is more cost-effective than ever. Subscribing gives you, the customer, more flexibility in terms of product, term length and deployment.

The following choices are now available:


Single-User License
Licenses for an individual/single-user. These licenses cannot be shared, must be assigned to a single named user only and can be installed on multiple devices at any one time.


Multi-User License
These licenses can be shared by multiple users or devices, e.g. a network server. Perfect for larger companies or to share a license.

Once you've chosen this, you will then need to decide on the term length. With three flexible options to choose from: Monthly, Annually or 3 year, you can pick the one that is best for you and/or your business.



Term Lengths - Monthly, annually and 3 year.

Flexible Licensing – Having three different subscription terms is a massive benefit because it means you no longer have to purchase a product outright. Instead, you can determine how long you’ll need the software for and then make your decision based on that. The most cost effective subscription for long term subscribers will be the 3 year plan.

For more information on the benefits you’ll enjoy for the term of your subscription. Please see below.

So what are the benefits of subscribing to Autodesk?

As well as access to the products you will receive the following benefits associated with an Autodesk Subscription. 


Latest Product Releases

If a new product is released within the term of your subscription contract, you will have instant access to this. Not only does this allow you to keep your software current, which is a massive bonus in all industries, but it also means that you can keep budgeting costs to a minimum, as you aren’t having to invest in new software versions.

Furthermore, there aren’t any restrictions on when products have to be updated, you can update the latest version straight away or wait for a more convenient time for your business.


Previous Version Rights
With subscription you have access to previous versions of most Autodesk software. If you are working on a project where you need an older version, then simply head over to your Autodesk Account and download the version you need.

Read more here.


Home Use Rights (Multi-User License)
Do you work from home, or have employees in your business that do? Then with this great benefit, software (both current and previous versions) can be installed onto home computers, meaning you never need to worry about additional licenses for different locations for the same user.

Full details are available here.


Global Travel Rights
Travel around the UK or globally and still have access to your Important Autodesk Software. What’s even better is that you still also have access to the Autodesk Services that are part of subscription e.g. Cloud and A360.

Find out more about Global travel Rights.


Administrative Tools
When you subscribe to an Autodesk product you don’t have to worry about complicated software installs, thanks to a simplified software setup. Furthermore, with administrative tools you will easily be able to manage other aspects of your licenses via your Autodesk Account.


Technical Support
With technical support you can get your software issues resolved in no time at all. Basic support is included for most products and suites and you get online support from Autodesk specialists via web and email.

There is also advance community forum capabilities. If you receive no response from the community within a 24 hour time frame then you can escalate your post to an Autodesk support specialist.


Cloud Benefits | Cloud Credits | Cloud Storage
As a subscriber you’ll receive access to a number of cloud benefits. Not only will you get 25GB of storage but you’ll also get a number of cloud credits too. Furthermore, other cloud services are also available such as rendering depending on your type of subscription or software package.

Click here for more information on cloud credits.

If you want to find out more about subscribing to an Autodesk product or discuss current license queries please contact Graitec USA, Inc. today - (281) 445-6161, or click the button below to request a quote and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Maintenance Plan

Please note that Maintenance Subscription Plan is now referred to as Maintenance Plan. This is an annual renewal placed on your perpetual licences that gives you access to all the benefits listed above. Late renewals are no longer permitted by Autodesk and can only be renewed for 12 months at a time.

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