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robot structural analysis professional 2021 badge 256px optAutodesk’s structural design software, Robot Structural Analysis Professional is a finite element analysis software suited for engineers who require a structural analysis solution that allows them to model, analyse and design a range of materials such as steel structures and concrete structures to Eurocodes, American codes and British standards amongst others.

This comprehensive structural engineering design software solution allows enhanced BIM operability both within the AEC collection and other software enabling engineers to iterate and optimise their designs with full communication between packages ultimately streamlining the design process and allowing traceability of design changes along the way.

Robot Structural Analysis Overview

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Key Features:

Finite Element Analysis

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis hosts a range of powerful FEM solvers enabling structural engineers to conduct complex calculations such as modal, harmonic, spectral, dynamic, non-linear, footfall analysis and many more.

Structural Design

Robot allows engineers to design their structural elements to many codes such as:  

  • Combinations: Eurocode 0, BS5950 and BS8110 (UK), other local standards (USA, France, Canada, Italy, etc.);
  • Climatic loads: Eurocode 1 and other local standards (France, Romania, Italy, USA, Canada, etc.);
  • Reinforced concrete design: Eurocode 2, BS8110 (UK), and other local standards (USA, Canada, France, Italy, etc.);
  • Steel design: Eurocode 3, BS5950 (UK), and other local standards (USA, Canada, France, Italy, etc.);
  • Timber design: Eurocode 5 and other local standards (France, Italy, etc.);
  • Geotechnical design: Eurocode 7, BS8004 (UK), and other local standards (France);
  • Seismic loads: Eurocode 8 and other local standards (France, Canada, USA, Italy, Romania, etc.).

BIM Compliance

With the addition of Robot to the AEC collection, Robot can communicate effectively and efficiently with Autodesk’s BIM solutions such as Revit, Advance Steel and other products, namely complex steel connection design software such as Graitec’s Advance Design Connection allowing communication both downstream and upstream between consultants and contractors.

Benefits of buying from Graitec

With a strong history in the structural software industry and a wealth of knowledge in the FEA space, Graitec has developed a series of comprehensive Robot training courses and support. Through these training courses a structural engineer will develop the skills necessary to design structures ranging in complexity from simple 2D structures to complex dynamic and non-linear analysis on large projects.

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