IDEA StatiCa Connection Workflows

IDEA StatiCa Connection is a powerful analysis solution, with the possibility to operate as a stand-alone software package allowing the user to build customised joints and apply loadings to suit any situation. However, IDEA StatiCa Connection’s full potential lies in its ability to be nested within a user’s existing workflow – harnessing forces generated from within Advance Design or a range of other industry standard FEM and software platforms for example Autodesk Advance Steel, Revit, Robot structural analysis, STAAD.Pro to name a few.

This powerful software can have the user designing the joint required for a particular situation in a matter of minutes.

Create, import and analyse workflow from Advance Steel

ADC workflow Advance Steel

Create, import and analyse workflow from Advance Design

ADC workflow Advance Design

3D Simulation of Steel Joints

In IDEA StatiCa Connection the steel joint is composed of plates, welds, bolts contacts and can be anchored into concrete blocks. The FE mesh is generated automatically and all the different components such as bolts and welds are included in the analytical model.

For a fuller explanation of the softwares 3D simulation process please see below

Connection Geometry

There is no restriction on the number of connections allowed within the joint to be analyzed and designed in IDEA StatiCa Connection. The user also has complete freedom over the geometry of the joint therefore, the software enables complete freedom in the design process transferring the limitations of the joint back to project requirements and fabrication processes.

Click on the image below for some typical examples of complex joints.

Advance Design Connection Loading

IDEA StatiCa Connection can handle any loading situation. Forces, imported from Advance Design or applied by the user are taken into consideration in a 3D global analysis with interactions between each individual member and their respective connections accounted for at all times giving the user piece of mind in the strength and stability of their design.



Reports are made easy with IDEA StatiCa Connection, with three options ranging from a single line, a simplified report limited to one page and a detailed report containing all relevant and referenced CISC and AISC code checks the user can handle this often strenuous and repetitive task in seconds.

Click on the images below view report styles and content.



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