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inventor cam 2021 badge 256px optAutodesk Inventor CAM (formerly Inventor HSM) – Integrated Autodesk Inventor CAM software - For those that aren’t familiar with Computer Aided Manufacturing it is an approach that makes use of computer software to control machine tools and related machinery in the manufacturing of components.
Prior to CAM software, component machining was achieved via numerical control (NC) programming. This could be a very lengthy process and in modern design workflows where time to market is critical, traditional NC programming was often a bottleneck to early product launch.

The subsequent wider adoption of 3D CAD software such as Autodesk Inventor opened up a new realm of possibilities for CAM software and machining companies resulting in the growth of more intelligent CAM Software designed to bridge the gap between design and production.

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Autodesk Inventor CAM Overview

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 CAM-1Using the dedicated Autodesk CAM tool, Inventor CAM, you will be able to create a computer numerical control (CNC) code which is essentially a string of numbers to control the machines that produce your parts to ultimately turn Inventor designs into excellent finished parts.

Inventor CAM provides a fully integrated design to manufacturing solution to allow you to generate an efficient and familiar workflow for your business.
Dependent on your needs Autodesk have given you a choice for your ideal CAM solution:

Autodesk Inventor CAM Express

Inventor CAM Express is free CAM software that will allows you to create advanced tool paths to machine your models using 2 axis and 2.5-axis milling.

Autodesk Inventor CAM

Autodesk Inventor CAM allows you to take advantage of 2.5D, 3D and 3+2 milling applications, CAM-2as well as support for Simultaneous 4- and 5-axis features for machining complex models including multi-axis contouring, 3D toolpath tilting and milling applications.

These solutions are available within the wider Autodesk Product Design Collection.

Through full integration, ease of understanding and high performance you will be able to produce impressive elements with Autodesk CAM solutions.
When you introduce an Autodesk CAM solution into your business it will help you:

•    Maintain a consistent and familiar workflow
•    Promote standardization within your company
•    Enable better data management practices
•    Support efficient collaboration
•    Ultimately bridge the gap between design and production

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