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CMS for Autodesk® Inventor® 

Inventor DSTV export for structural steel CNC machines

StrucSoft’s CMS for Autodesk® Inventor® is a CAD/CAM software application dedicated to the production and manipulation of DSTV-NC (nc1) file output format. The software quickly generates files with the extension*.NC1 according to user preferences for accurate communication between design software and CNC machines that produce structural steel.

DSTV is an industrial standard developed by the German steel construction association (Deutsche STahlbau Verband). Each part that is created will have its own DSTV file and the DSTV file will describe operations within a part or assembly, such as:

  • Cuts (AK blocks in DSTV) and Openings (IK blocks in DSTV)
  • Drills and Slot Holes (BO blocks in DSTV)
  • Markings / Etching (KO blocks in DSTV)
  • Text Stenciling (SI blocks in DSTV)

CMS for Autodesk Inventor Part I Beam User Interface Image

Users can utilize CMS for Autodesk® Inventor® to convert any native Inventor part (*.ipt) files, and STP/ STEP/ IGS files directly from your Inventor platform.

CMS for Autodesk® Inventor® Key Features:

  • Works both on parts and assemblies
  • Converts any models within Inventor:
    • Content Center Models
    • Frame Generated Models
    • Extrude bodies with any extrude directions
    • Sheet Metal
    • STEP/ STP / SAT/ IGES files without any pre-processing

CMS for Autodesk Inventor STEP Assembly User Interface Image

  • Maps iProperties properties to DSTV header data
  • Automates shape size mapping from Inventor iProperties
  • Completely web-based licensing
  • Compatible with AISC, CISC, DIN, Australian, New Zealand, and British shape standards

Current machines that support the DSTV format:

  1. PythonX
  2. Voortman
  3. Prodevco
  4. FICEP
  5. Peddinghaus
  6. Ocean Machinery

CMS for Autodesk® Inventor® Benefits:

  1. Instant generation of DSTV NC1 files
  2. Quickly make changes to DSTV NC1 files directly in Inventor®
  3. Communicate with beam lines, drill lines and plasma cutters
  4. Reduce time from detailing up to fabrication

Users are not limited to only reviewing their part within inventor, users can also review their part from StrucSoft’s free DSTV Viewer.

CMS for Autodesk Inventor STEP Assembly User Interface Image 

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