Revit to Excel Link – Intelligently Link Revit Schedules to Excel

Microsoft Excel is probably the most widely used software construction when it comes to creating detailed schedules. And having a workflow that gives users a user friendly Revit to Excel link has been high on many's wish list.

If you have ever tried to do a Revit to Excel export, you already know that it’s possible to create a csv export from a Revit schedule. But wouldn’t it be fantastic to be able to take that a step further and have an intelligent link to excel to radically improve productivity for users involved in initial creation and downstream amendment of Revit schedules?

Now you can, with the new Link to Excel feature in GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Revit®. Indeed, creating a bi-directional link has never been easier. Simply create a link between your Revit projects and improve workflows with users outside your design teams, from Quantity Surveyor’s to Sales Admin.

Give key collaborators the ability to access the Revit data, fill in the blanks and add their input, then link an Excel file to Revit to update model data where required.

How to Link Revit to Excel with Graitec Revit PowerPack


The Link to Excel function in the Graitec PowerPack allows the user to bi-directionally link data between Revit and Excel.

Users can choose to either export an existing schedule or compose a list of parameters to be treated as a table before exporting to Excel. Once modified in Excel the data can be synchronised back into Revit.

The most impressive feature of this tool is the considerable time it saves organising and updating the data between the two different platforms.

There are several methods the user can use to create a link in Revit.


  • Empty: A new link can be created from scratch, meaning that the user will select one or more categories, pick from the available parameters, and generate an Excel file with several spreadsheets, one for each selected category.

  • From existing link: A new link can be obtained starting from an already existing one, by creating a duplicate which can be edited. The advantage is that there is no need to start the whole process for two similar links all the way from the beginning.

  • From current schedule: If the command is applied in an active schedule, then the resulting Excel table will contain the rows and columns as they were created in the Revit Schedule. Modifying the data in the Excel file and importing it back into Revit will affect both the information in the schedule and the elements from the model.

  • From multiple schedules: The tool can be used to create an Excel file with multiple sheets, containing the information from several schedules included in the current project.

  • From current selection in Revit: The category/categories for which Excel tables will be created may be limited to result from a selection of elements in Revit.

  • From entire project: For each category loaded in the project, a spreadsheet will be created in Excel, with the possibility to exclude some categories or to customise the list of loaded parameters.

After the options have been set, the “Export” operation generates the Excel file, this can be opened directly from the export dialogue window.


Users also have the option to save links as templates to be used in other projects. The template is saved as a *.xls file containing the fields that form the header of the table.

revit schedule to excel link template dialogue box

How to Link Excel to Revit


Once changes have been made to the Excel spread sheet you will probably then want to link the excel file to Revit. This can be easily achieved by clicking the Import button, which will bring over the changes giving you control over how the link functions in your own environment.

The Revit to Excel plugin is one of the many tools in the GRAITEC Advance PowerPack for Revit® 2020 which works on previous releases back to 2016..

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