Graitec Advance PowerPack for Autodesk Revit

R PP 2020 256x256Developed for Autodesk Revit users this PowerPack features an assortment of new functionalities which will lead to an increase in productivity. Speed up your everyday modelling and improve your BIM workflow with the Revit PowerPack.

Similarly, all AEC industry software users can increase control and automation within Revit, as the PowerPack runs on top of a number of Autodesk Revit platforms including: Architecture, Structure, MEP or One Box, but please note that it will not run on Revit LT.

With over 40 new tools available for Revit featured under four different categories: modelling, connectivity, reinforcement and annotation, this ‘productivity pack’ is free to all GRAITEC subscription customers and will run for the term of the subscription or can be purchased as required for non-subscription customers.

Below is a small selection of some of the productivity tools available in the PowerPack for Autodesk Revit:

Numbering Tools

PowerPack for Revit has a variety of numbering tools to help you improve workflows, accuracy and productivity by automating mark numbers and reducing error prone manual numbering processes.

Numbering tools include:

- Multi category numbering - Watch Video

- String Customisation - Watch Video

- Selection preferences - Watch Video

- Group Numbering - Watch Video

- Fine Control - Watch Video

Revit to Excel Link

One of the most sought after functions in Revit. Bi-directionally link a schedule from Revit to Excel export a schedule from Revit and maintain a link to the file, giving the user the ability to make non-dimensional changes to the excel sheet and have the Revit parameters automatically update. - Watch Video

Batch Export to DWG

This tool enhances and streamlines Revit's existing capabilities whilst adding additional functionality - Watch Video

  • Configure the name of the DWF file with variables for project name (proj) and system data (yyy-mm-dd).
  • Configure which sheets you want to export and which file type version of DWG back to 2007.
  • Select if the views are bind or external references files.

Family Manager

Choose which families and their types are to be loaded into the project.This tool supports the ability to add additional locations and filter through types within a family. - Watch Video

Arrange Command

Helps align horizontally, vertically or by a line on a sheet to all the selected viewports - Watch Video

Geometry Parameters

Add shared parameters to key geometry and export to schedules - Watch Video

  • Column Height
  • Beam Elevation
  • Wall Height & Thickness
  • Slab Elevation
  • Lintel/Sill Elevation

Dimensioning Tools

A complete set of tools designed to improve dimensioning productivity and dimensioning workflows - Watch Videos  

  • Auto Dimensions
  • Quick Dimensions
  • Join Dimensions Lines
  • Dimensioning Configuration

3D CAD Visibility

Convert any 3D AutoCAD drawing into a Generic Revit family (RFA) - Watch Video

Watermark Manager

Protect your Revit content and your commercial IP by watermarking your families before publishing on 3rd party platforms or sharing data - Watch Videos

Create 3D Automatic Sections & Levels With Ease

Speed up your productivity and get more control of by easily creating 3D sections automatically - Watch Video or 3D Levels - Watch Video

Automatically Manage Openings for MEP Elements

The PowerPack opening tool is a massive timesaver for anyone needing to create openings for intersect geometry such MEP elements - Watch Video

And so much more.........

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