Metal and Steel Stock Control

Procurement of Steel is generally the biggest cost to any steel fabricator, so as more efficient purchasing and better stock utilisation can result in tremendous savings and better project margins, investment in steel inventory tracking and stock control systems is a natural progression to improved productivity and of course profitability.
Many steel companies start out using manual methods to try and control this aspect of their business, such as using excel spreadsheets, constant stock checks and a lot of time. However, utilising an industry specific Steel production MIS system or Steel fabrication management solution can automate these processes, saving considerable time and material costs, thereby reducing the strain and bottlenecks of manual procedures.

Advance Workshop’s steel stock control functions can help you achieve a simple and connected purchasing workflow, which aligns your procurement and production departments with your stockyard, and helps to avoid costly double handling of work.

Advance Workshop Steel Stock Manager

metal and steel stock controlThe Stock management module can be used to help you manage your stock yard with full integration with your purchasing process. It gives you a way to control your offcuts and unused materials and automatically retain full traceability which is critical these days in the world of CE Marking EN 1090.

As an added benefit you can also manage all of your none steel items through the system, such as consumables and office equipment.

Advance Workshop Section Nesting

plate nesting software imageWith the inbuilt section nesting module, you can nest parts into your available material, either stock bars or offcuts \ remnants and suggest shortfalls that need to be purchased.

This can save you hours of manual work, and is much more cost efficient than allowing your steel suppliers to take control of your procurement (and take a cut for it at the same time!).

Advance Workshop Plate Nesting

Advance Workshop is fully integrated with the leading plate nesting software in the world – Sigmanest, so you can easily use it to control all of your work, and all of your CNC machines through a single MIS package.

 sigmanest plate nesting software

Advance Workshop ERP Integration

If you process steel and already utilise a none industry specific ERP system to manage your stockyard and back office processes, you will know it is practically impossible for the system to accurately represent the actual situation with your stock. This is either because there is no real time link with your production and selling processed steel parts is much more complicated than selling standard stock bars.

Advance Workshop can fill this challenging gap and be easily integrated with your existing system so you can connect it to your production nesting and CNC machinery to enable a very productive industry specific workflow.

To find out more about our Steel stock management and inventory management module or any other aspect of Graitec Advance Workshop give us a call or click on the link below and a specialist will get in contact with you.

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