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Workshop Badge noyear 256Increase efficiency, reduce costs and optimise business performance with Graitec Advance Workshop Steel Production Management Information System (Steel MIS).

In order to compete and achieve great margins in the Steel Fabrication and Construction Industry, you need to increase efficiencies, reduce costs and optimise your processes. The best way to do this is to take total control over one of the most important parts of your business – your workshop. That is where a Steel Production Management Information System (MIS) will help improve your processes and productivity.

Graitec (authors of Advance Steel detailing software) with our decades of history and experience supporting Steel fabrication companies, structural steel detailers and structural engineering companies, are proud to bring to the market Graitec Advance Workshop - a new enterprise system designed especially for steel fabricators and processors to allow them to take control of their production.

Steel Production Routing and Fabrication Management

CE Marking Steel ManagementAdvance Workshop is an extremely versatile, well-rounded Steel Production Management Information System (Steel MIS) and steel stockholders management software, perfect for Steel Fabricators, Processors and Service Centres looking to optimise, control and manage every aspect of production with high levels of accuracy and quality including the challenges of managing CE marking requirements.
Steel MIS management information system imageOnce a contract has been won, the structural model detailed and fabrication drawings produced, the job needs to be planned, procured, processed, fabricated, finished and made ready to ship out to site on time and at exactly the right time.

To achieve this, most companies in the metal fabrication sector employ the majority of their workforce, spend the most money on consumables and capital machinery, and lay most of the hope for their businesses to succeed and achieve company targets, so it is paramount that underlying systems help the business achieve maximum profitability and reduce operational bottlenecks and reduce steel processing and production costs.

Steel Fabrication Management

steel production routingWith a number of industry specific features including CAD & BIM Integration, DSTV import, job time estimation, bar & plate nesting, work centre routing, stock management, production planning, list generation/barcode management and CNC Machine automation, there are plenty of tools to enable to help streamline processes to achieve an effective and efficient production workflow.

With Graitec Advance Workshop Steel Production Management Information System you can have confidence in your software knowing that you can effectively control all stages of production including:

•    Steel Production Planning & Routing
•    Steel Production Reporting

•    Steel CNC Machine Integration
•    Steel Stock & Purchasing
•    Steel Production Document Management

steel fabrication management software

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