Bim Designers - Steel Series - Stairs and Railings

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The Bim Designer for Stairs and railings comes with several tools dedicated to the creation of different Stair arrangements.

This combined with some Railing Creation tools aligned to the creation of Ball post handrailing, Clamp type railings and then our Railing tool for creating more conventional handrails with the additional features of Infill panels and clamp and framing systems. 

The Bim Designer has its own dedicated Ribbon tab install into the Autodesk Advance Steel interface, with the tools conveniently grouped for ease of identification and application.

bim designers stair and railing ribbon

Stair Tools

These tools for stairs consist of seven different variants for Straight Stair configurations, to allow the users to quick create arrangements from Straight two flights with an intermediate landing to a three-flight switch back type stair, all with definable landing configurations.    

These tools allow for the creation of Plate Stringers for easy of plasma and laser profiling from Sheet materials.

plate stringers

These Stair tools have some very useful ergonomics tools to allow users to see the compliance of the stair within defined guidelines from predefined parameters.

stair flight

Continuing with Stairs there are options for Balance Stairs, sometimes termed Kite winder arrangements, again there are four arrangement types for the users to choose from.

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Railing Tools

Within the BIM Designers railing module there are several dedicated Railing tools, these are aligned to industrial applications from configurations as Ball post type Railing and Clamp type Systems, both have the ability via the Graitec Special part manager to add User Defined systems derived from supplier data.

railing tools

With these toolsets is the Standard railing tool for more conventional fabricated handrailing, with the additions of options to insert Glass/panel clamp systems and other framing solutions.

The railing tools offer several Setting out and configuration options, one of these features is to define the posts at dedicated points, rather than trying to determine via setting out measurements, the user can select a point. 

The main key feature of the Railing tools is also to be able to create rails independently of the need for a Beam reference object, simply by just selection a series of points or lines a railing can be created, so no need to select the supporting beam.

This is useful in the creation of the ball posts and clamp type rails, were the user only wishes to create the railing arrangement not all the supporting beam/structure details.

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Wall Rail Tool

The tool provides the ability to quickly create wall railing to a stair core using a definition line, create the line you require at the height above the toe line and then select the line as the input and the wall rail with be created with the ‘top of the rail at the definition height above the toe line’.

wall rails

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These are just some of the highlights of the tools available via this value-add plugin to Autodesk Advance Steel available from Graitec BIM Designer Steel Series. Click on the link to explore other Graitec structural steel design and analysis software packages or click below to find out more about the steel series.

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