Bim Designers - Steel Series - Steel Connection Designer

BIMDesigners21 Badge noyear 256Part of the GRAITEC BIM Designers family, the Steel Connection Designer ensures the configuration of a seamless solution, with the ability to manage and calculate bolted and welded joints, and with fully detailed design reports that include the calculation formulas and reference to the design code.

The Steel Connection Designer makes it possible to quickly design a variety of connections in Advance Design structural design and analysis projects and also has the ability to run independently as a standalone application.

The GRAITEC Advance BIM Designers - Connection module can run specific checks according to Eurocode 3 rules for several types of connections. Users can select the desired connection from the Type panel in the ribbon. The elements available in the Joint elements panel can differ depending on the selected connection:

Steel Connection Designer Video Overview

Steel Connection Designer covers a range of popular connections including:

Moment Connections

Apex Connections

Base Plate Connections

Clip Angle Connections

Gusset Connections

Gable Wall End Plate Connections

Splice Connections

Steel Connection Designer Example

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