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AutoCAD Revit LT Suite & Revit LT software is the latest version of this affordable and popular BIM (Building Information Modelling) software to be released by Autodesk.

By purchasing Revit LT suite you will have access to a toolset very similiar to the full version of Revit software as the software delivers a very powerful construction software platform at extremely affordable prices opening up the building information modelling (BIM) arena to a much broader set of users.

Revit LT users will benefit from the ability to actively participate in much larger BIM oriented projects at a much cheaper price point whilst at the same time enjoying a host of other productivity benefits for non BIM projects.

This includes the ability to generate 3D visuals and even photo-realistic renders using Autodesk 360 cloud services, create high quality documentation and drawings (including isometric views) quickly and easily and even generate building schedules automatically to review costs or aid lightning quick estimates on construction.

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Revit LT vs Revit LT Suite

We understand that not all users will be ready to move entirely to the Revit Platform and many will still have legacy data or may want to simply use AutoCAD LT for simple layout projects and 2D detailing. The real benefit of purchasing the suite is in the low cost of buying Revit LT together with AutoCAD LT in the same bundle as this offers significant savings and is the cheapest way to get access to both software platforms.

You can of course subscribe to each product on an individual basis if that is your preference, but you will not benefit from best deal on offer.

AutoCAD LT owners maximising the features of the Revit LT suite will be able to expose themselves to new business opportunities in the BIM arena, whilst having the safety net of still using AutoCAD LT functionality for their existing and traditional client bases.

This naturally reduces the risk of adoption and allows businesses to explore the BIM market place at their own pace.

How to Purchase Revit LT Suite?

Revit license costs will vary depending on the term of the license you are buying and are very affordable due to Autodesk Subscription licensing model. Subscription terms are available for monthly, yearly or 3 yearly month periods but the best price will be for the 3 year option as this offers excellent value for money.

Graitec also offer a range of payment terms including credit card, account, payment by invoice and also lease finance (depending on balance) and all licenses sold will benefit from free Graitec installation support for 30 days

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