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Finding Files Windows ExplorerAutodesk Vault Professional helps provide a major boost productivity with its powerful search tools.

In a survey performed by Tech clarity they found that engineers waste on average 15% of their time on non-productive tasks and finding files was one of the top offenders (The bottom 25% of the study wasted 20% of their time) *

57% of people surveyed noted that network and shared drives was the primary tool used for managing data and in the report 46% noted that simply finding the information was a significant issue. *

When using windows explorer finding what you need when you need it isn’t always that simple! If you wanted to find a 150mm aluminium gear that was created by a specific designer on a project several years old, how long would it take you to find it?

If you consider the only thing you can search for in windows explorer is file name, this means you have to rely on the file name including; description, material and size. The likelihood is you will have to search through several folders and files until you come across the correct component. Now consider how many times a day, week or month you are doing this!?

Windows Explorer File Name Search

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Vault - Find Files Faster

Autodesk Vault utilises file properties allowing you to quickly and easily view and search for files based on information you know in seconds!

Vault shortcuts allow you to quickly navigate back to files and folders you are working on or found in a previous search and in addition shortcuts will appear in Inventor. Group folders can be created to store related shortcuts.

Quickly Create Vault Inventor File and Folder Shortcuts

Vault basic search is a folder based tool that allows you to not only search for file names but any property of a file, folder, item or change order! In an instant Vault will present you with your search results and allow you to view the properties of any given object!

Vault Inventor Basic Search

Vault advanced searches allows you to utilise specific properties, conditions and values that are associated with files, folders, items and change orders. Boolean searches can be performed allowing you to search for multiple property conditions to assist in refining search results.

Advanced or basic searches can be saved for re-use to allow you to perform the same search again in the future in the click of a button. All saved searches can be renamed and edited in a click of a button.

Vault Advanced Search

Documents can be organised and grouped using properties (fields) allowing you to view the data in the required format. For example, being able to view the files by department, status, and file type.

Users can customise vault interface to show the properties they care about. Think about how much easier it would be to identify a file by being able to view description, material, part number. Multiple customised views can be created and grouped by properties can also be saved as a customized view.

Group Files by Properties in Vault Inventor


Vault Professional Search Tools Video

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* Tech-Clarity Perspective: The Facts About Managing Product Data, Tech-Clarity, Inc., 2015.

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