Vault Professional - Improve Inventor Revision Control and Release Processes

With the pressures of time to market and the drive towards lean manufacturing workflows it is imperative to have tight control and visibility of design lifecycle stages. Autodesk Vault Professional's revision control and release tools will help you enhance existing manual processes.

In a study performed by Tech Clarity they found that 43 percent of those involved in product development cite “managing change” as a top design challenge. *

For any company, it is important to know where a design is in its overall lifecycle, understanding the overall status of projects and any bottlenecks that may currently exist in a design and development process but using windows explorer it isn’t possible to obtain this level of feedback.

Design Lifecycle Inventor Vault Release Process

Having knowledge of whether a file is work in progress, in review, undergoing a change, or released for manufacturing is crucial when working in any engineering team to ensure everyone is working from the right data.

File Share Diagram ImageSharing the right information at the right time with other stakeholders within your company and externally is often a challenge when not using a data management solution. With shared network folders departments can access project data that shouldn’t be for their viewing until released or the polar opposite they are unable to access the data at all due to access rights.

Revision management outside of a data management system can often present challenges to companies. Working from shared drives you rely on users to create a PDF copy of a drawing as historical reference to a revision change or copy and archiving entire datasets to keep a record of model and drawing changes. Both methods rely on user input which can lead in most cases to a point of failure and the in the case of the latter duplication of data.

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Vault – Control Document Processes and Revision Control

Easily manage file release process and automate revision control with Autodesk Vault.

Autodesk Vault lifecycles let everyone know the current state of the design. With out of the box lifecycles available and the ability to create custom lifecycles to suite your company requirements.

Key stake holders can easily check the current status of a single design or an entire project to help in their decision-making process. With lifecycles states you can control who can see, modify and delete data so when a file is; work in progress, for review or released you can ensure the right people see the data at the right time.

Inventor Vault Document Release File Security

Remove the complication of revision management through automated control in Autodesk Vault, use out of the box revision schemes or customise to suite you company requirements. Revision schemes can be automated on lifecycle state changes to ensure the revision of files change at the right time and with Autodesk Vault automatically managing revisions you are always viewing the latest and greatest file but always have access to legacy revision and audit history.

Inventor Vault Revision Control Revision Automation

Vault Revision and Release Management Video

To find out more on Tech-Clarity study’s and the facts about managing product data click here.

* Tech-Clarity Perspective: The Facts About Managing Product Data, Tech-Clarity, Inc., 2015.

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