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Intelligent reuse of existing designs and assemblies can often help shorten the time to market for new products and using Autodesk Vault Professional will help your business maximise the use of your existing data.

In a survey performed by Tech clarity they found that engineers waste on average 15% of their time on non-productive tasks and reusing existing design data was a top 3 cause for engineers losing time. *

29% of engineers reported that reuse of data is a top design challenge that required too much time. *

Blank Document BrokenUsing an existing design for a new project or a derivative is great way of reducing development time but the process of copying designs using windows explorer is not efficient.

After copying designs using windows explorer you will likely have broken references. Any file copied and then renamed will have to be manually referenced when opening an assembly referencing it. When renaming a file, you won’t know if file name has already been used which can lead to unwanted duplicate data. The final headache is determining what needs to be copied and what can be re-used, using traditional windows explorer it isn’t possible to determine if a component is used in other assemblies and designs.

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Vault - Copy Designs Faster

Vault copy design allows you copy to an entire design or specific components from a design in a few clicks!

Vault Copy design can be initiated from vault client or windows explore, it enables engineers to copy an entire design from top level assembly or lower.

Copy design will include all related components and component drawings and provides you with a filter to view structure with and without drawings when performing a copy design.

Copy design interface can be customised to include properties (fields) that will assist you in the copy process such as viewing a component thumbnail, description, part number, material.

Autodesk Vault can efficiently copy additional designs in one operation using the add objects command.

Users can choose which components are required to; copy, reuse, replace, exclude, or remove. The replace feature is a massive benefit when component within a design have already been copied and modified earlier in the process!

Inventor Vault Copy Design Reuse Design

With automatic file numbering a default scheme can be specified, manually assigned or a file can be manually edited.

Actions panel enables you to review all of the configuration that will be carried out enabling you to identify any issues such as unintentional edits.

Folder view provides a simple way of viewing where files will be copied to and provides you with the option to move files to new or existing folders outside of the current copy operation. Files can also be reorganised to existing folder in use with simple drag and drop.

All copy design functions are performed on server speeding up the copy process by avoiding the upload and download of files to client.

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* Tech-Clarity Perspective: The Facts About Managing Product Data, Tech-Clarity, Inc., 2015.

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