Vault Professional Collaborating With Other Engineers

Vault Collaborate VisualisationAutodesk Vault Professional provides a range of tools to help streamline design collaboration challenges with extended design teams.

In a survey performed by Tech clarity they found that engineers waste on average 15% of their time on non-productive tasks. Collaboration and conflicting document versions was in the top three where engineers lose time. *

In the study 25% of engineers said that collaborating with internal colleagues and working with conflicting document versions are significant problems. *

A large degree of collaboration is often required to bring a product to market. Multiple engineers require access to the same data often at the same time. Traditional windows explorer wasn’t designed for the complexity of complex CAD data and lacks core tools that engineers need to make collaboration easy.

It isn’t possible to stop another user from opening a file you are working on and making a modification when working from shared folders.

Tug of War ImageThe versioning or revisions of files is a manual process in windows explorer and if undertaken at all it requires discipline by all users which will eventually result in failure. This method also leads to multiple copies of the same design to maintain historical evidence of changes. With manual versioning of components in many places it is hard to ensure you are working on the latest file which often leads to questions in the team “Which one is the most up to date?”

Large design teams often experience poor performance working from a shared folder, opening files and saving as this puts a strain on network capacity. Users can resort to copying files to their local machine in order to speed up performance but this only introduces more opportunities for data loss and data duplication.

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Vault – Collaborate With Other Engineers Easily

Autodesk Vault introduces the benefit of collaboration and removes the typical problems engineering teams experience when working together on designs.

Having work accidently overwritten becomes a thing of the past with Vaults simple check out and check in functionality. When a file is checked out it becomes read only to all other users. All users can still access the file and see who is working on it, as well as open or utilise in another design without the worry of modifying the file.

Inventor Vault Collaboration Controlled Access

Vault automatically tracks changes to files through versioning while maintaining the same file name. Vault logs who, what, and when of any file modification allowing complete tractability of changes that have occurred on a design throughout its life.

Inventor Vault Automatic Versioning Revisioning

Vault allows access to previous versions of files, in a scenario where a design request has been retracted a previous version can be restored. Previous versions of a design can also be accessed for design copies using vault copy design.

When a file is checked out or opened within an Autodesk product the file is downloaded local to the client machine this reduces the impact on the network when making saves and allows the engineering team to work faster. To add any modification to the vault user simply check in file and the modification becomes the latest version of the files automatically!

Vault Get Check Out Dialogue

Vault Collaborate Video

To find out more on Tech-Clarity study’s and the facts about managing product data click here.

* Tech-Clarity Perspective: The Facts About Managing Product Data, Tech-Clarity, Inc., 2015.

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