Vault Professional best in-class CAD integration

Time and Cost

Adopting a data management solution for CAD data can be a headache for CAD managers and IT, but Autodesk Vault Professional offers best in class CAD Integration.

As a CAD Manager you might have concerns about the time it will take your team to learn a new product and become productive in that software. You might have concerns about how the data management system will fit with the way your company & team currently work and how you will get all your existing data into a data management system.

IT can have concerns with the complexity of deployment to users, the upfront configuration requirements, server maintenance and how the system will integrate with existing business systems. As an IT manager you may have had previous experience with a data management system and found upgrading CAD software became complex due to having to wait for the next update or compatible version of data management software to become available which inevitably makes upgrading CAD software time consuming and costly.

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Vault – CAD integration

Autodesk Vault provides the best in-class CAD integration tools for Autodesk products. Vault is released the same day as all your Autodesk products and with simple deployment tools upgrading couldn’t be easier!

Autodesk Vault reduces the adoption time for engineers as most activity occurs directly from the design application your engineers daily use. Every day frustrations are removed from an engineer’s life with the addition of tools to find data faster, copy designs quickly, manage change, revisions and release process.

Inventor Vault CAD Intergration

Reduce file clutter with vault through automated versioning. As engineers make modifications to files Vault logs who and when a change was made and automatically versions or revisions the file. One file is maintained throughout its life without any requirement for copying or renaming with prefix or postfix for versions.

Automated Versioning

Adding your existing design data to vault is simplified with Vault Autoloader utility. The Autoloader enables you to validate your design data and ensures all links in your data are maintained through pre-checks, errors or warnings in data are reported for any files requiring attention. Autoloader will maintain existing folder structure during upload and extract properties automatically from data for searching.

Inventor Data Loading to Vault Autoloder

DeploymentWith same day product release date for vault and all other Autodesk products upgrades are simplified by avoiding the wait for a patch or new version to be released from a third party data management vendor. Vault supports backwards compatibility, when upgrading a version of vault, you can upgrade the server first and it will support vault client product up two versions prior.

Vault can be installed as a standalone installation for each client or as a network deployment using tools like; Autodesk network deployment, Microsoft® System Centre Configuration Manager (SCCM), batch files or system images.

Establish links between Vault and your company’s other business systems using Graitec programming to ensure critical data is maintained between all key stakeholders. Exchange critical design information between ERP, MRP, CRM or any company business system.

Autodesk Vault includes built-in maintenance tools including a backup validation feature to ensure database and files are valid, database re-indexing, defragmentation to maintain system performance. Vault also supports third party.

Vault Server Automated Backup and Maintenance

Vault Best in Class Cad Integration Video

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