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Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection

media entertainment collection iconAccess the tools media professionals use in one unique package - The Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection.

Autodesk media and entertainment software is widely used across the entire spectrum of projects and is the software of choice that has helped the creation of a string of Oscar winning blockbusters and TV series such as Jungle Book, Harry Potter, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Transformers and Game of Thrones.

In the gaming industry, Autodesk software has been used in a run of globally successful titles such as Deus Ex, Uncharted and Black Ops III and is the platform of choice for industry leading studio's such as EA Sports, Eidos and Ubisoft.

The list of global projects is almost endless and the Media and Entertainment Collection delivers no matter what your challenge may be, from 3D modelling, animating, rendering, Autodesk make sure you have the right tools to achieve goals, targets and deadlines, so all you need to bring to the table is your creativity and commitment to deliver stunning CGI or VFX.

Featuring industry leading software, Maya and 3ds Max, you can take your designs to a whole new level, thanks to the high-end features and functionalities. Couple this with key software such as Mudbox, Motionbuilder and ReCap Pro and you have the capability to bring your most imaginative and drastic ideas to life.

Whether you are designing for the next upcoming film blockbuster, TV hit or game phenomenon, be confident knowing you can create realistic characters, picturesque environments and wow audiences with striking visual effects; using the Media & Entertainment Collection from Autodesk.

Media & Entertainment Collection Production Workflow at a Glance

This short video shows a typical workflow using the software within the Media & Entertainment Collection. It guides you from conceptual drawing, to drone photogrammetry, animation layout, texturing, look development to the final process of interactive and batch rendering.

Media Entertainment Collection Production Workflow at a Glance

How to Purchase
Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection Licensing
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Hardware Requirements

How to Purchase the Media & Entertainment Collection

The Media & Entertainment Collection is available on a monthly, annually or 3 yearly term subscription, giving you the flexibility to choose what is best for you, your company or project criteria.

As an added benefit, when you purchase your subscription through Graitec you can get 30 days installation support for free.

You may also be surprised to know that the collection is more cost-effective than buying 2 individual products; meaning you are getting a range of high end software applications at an extremely good price and ultimately saving money.

If you would like to purchase the Media & Entertainment Collection, just give Graitec a call and we will be happy to guide you through our best deals and any offers that may currently be available.

We also offer flexible payment options and terms, so be sure to get in touch today.

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Continue reading to find out more about the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection.

Autodesk Media & Entertainment Licensing

Like stated above, you can access to the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection by subscribing to the software; this is available through a single user or multi user license. If you choose a multi user license, then multiple users can get access to this; it is important to know that only one user can use the software at a time though.

When you subscribe to Autodesk software you get a number of fantastic benefits such as:

• Latest product releases
• Previous version rights
• Technical Support
• Cloud storage and more!

A full list of subscription benefits, including information on each can be found on our ‘Subscribe to Autodesk’ page.

What does the Media & Entertainment Collection Include?

Subscribing to the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection means you can decide which programmes you want to install and there is an assortment to choose from. Creating a 3D world to a project for virtual reality, you can download the software that is most suited for you.

Maya – Animation, modelling, simulation and rendering. Get a complete toolset that allows you to work effectively and efficiently on workflows and projects. Just a few of the key features include a motion graphics toolset, parallel rig evaluation and symmetry modelling.

3ds Max – 3D visualisations to virtual reality experiences. With 3ds Max you have a powerful set of tools enabling you to produce characters, environments and 3d animations, and render these out at a high quality.

Motionbuilder – Animators and directors, with Motionbuilder you can easily create 3D character animations with realistic human movement.

Sketchbook – This drawing app is perfect for concept drawings and illustrations, allowing you to quickly and easily get your ideas on Digital ‘paper’; using unlimited brushes, predictive stroke, layers and more.

Mudbox – 3D artists can sculpt and paint in Mudbox using a tactile and intuitive toolset, that features a familiar layered workflow.

Character Generator – Using web based tools, create 3D characters for animation and alter their full appearance including clothes and hair.

Recap Pro – Use Recap to ‘tidy up’ your reality captured designs and turn them into a point cloud or mesh. These 3D models are then ready for use in your other CAD software programmes.

Autodesk Rendering – Tired of waiting hours, if not days for your designs and projects to render locally? Use the power of the cloud to create photo-realistic renders and view them on-line in less time.

Cloud Storage – With the Media & Entertainment Collection you get 25 GB to use in the cloud.

Autodesk Media & Entertainment Hardware Requirements

Working within the Media & Entertainment industry you will know that having the correct hardware is vital for efficiency, productivity and to meet tight deadlines.

With the range of applications available within the collection, it is important to make sure your workstation is sufficient for running the software you'll be using so please make sure you visit the Autodesk website and find out the software hardware requirements. As with all software investing in the right hardware solution will dramatically improve both your productivity and user experience so don't look at minimums, as you'll ideally need a good balance of Processors, Graphics, Memory and ultra fast storage to really make your software work to it's full potential.

CAD Workstation Image 72px

We recommend buying HP CAD Workstations for your Media & Entertainment projects, not only are they affordable, reliable and powerful but they can also be configured to suit your software requirements.

If you are interested in subscribing to the Autodesk Media & Entertainment Collection, just click on the button below and a member of the team will be in touch to guide you through what’s best for you or your company; including deals, payment options and any available offers.

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