E-Learning Benefits and Success Management

The additional benefits of Graitecs’ Autodesk e-training whether taken complimentary to class room training or as a standalone training solution can have a significant and positive business impact on many levels.

SME Benefits and smaller Business Benefits

For small businesses and individuals often unable to take additional time out of the business, access to ongoing CAD e-training allows them to free up valuable time to concentrate more on their business needs whilst still being able to gain access to wider level of high quality Autodesk training on demand at a very competitive cost.
This can be during free time and negates the need to travel or be out of the business for extended periods thereby providing valuable time savings and reduced training costs whilst at the same time giving you the broadest access to quality online CAD training.

Larger SME’s and Corporate Benefits

For larger Business and Corporations the benefits are much more far reaching as economies of scale, management reporting and success management all play a significant part in giving your team the best end possible end user experience, whilst delivering the business the most positive return on your CAD and Autodesk training investment possible.Online-Autodesk-training-success-infographic

A dedicated success manager will be available to work with you to help you determine your desired training outcomes and objectives, develop plans for engaging users at all levels and so much more. This includes implementation planning and branding and communication. In short your success is our success and we will work with you to ensure successful training outcomes across the enterprise.

Having developed and implemented a successful strategy for Autodesk training (and other software if you choose) the next critical step is to enable relevant managers in the business to access ROI metrics and track learner progression as often this is linked to employee remuneration packages.

Graitec’s Autodesk e-learning reporting tools powered by the GET training platform ensure you have access to critical information as well as a constant barometer on your training roll out and knowledge levels across the business. This enables you to plan and manage your future requirements for Autodesk training in advance, for example focussing training on a specific software to meet an upcoming project requirement.

To find out more about the Graitec e-training solution register for a webinar or simply click below and we’ll get back to you to discuss your requirements.


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