Vault Training Courses and Services - Houston

Graitec's Houston training facility offers Autodesk Vault training courses designed to teach designers and engineers the skills needed to use Autodesk Vault with Autodesk Inventor.

Data management software is a critical application in helping businesses successfully manage 3D model design data and drawings in a productive and effective manner. Autodesk Vault Explorer Window

Our Vault training course has helped many business organizations successfully organize, manage, and track their Inventor design files. Students will obtain the skills needed to create Inventor projects, define user system workspaces, and manage Vault user and databases needed for a successful Vault working environment.

Autodesk Vault Basic Training – for Inventor Users

This course is for new and experienced Inventor Users who need to access and manage their design files from Autodesk Vault. Review Course Outline

Autodesk Vault Workgroup Training

Vault Workgroup integrates advanced functionalities and features with business applications making it easier to collaborate and share information across teams. Vault Workgroup training is offered as a custom course and will be designed to fit your business organization’s needs.

Autodesk Vault Professional Training

With all the functionalities of Vault Workgroup plus functionality for tracking engineering change orders, managing bills of materials, and exchanging data with other business systems, Vault Professional is the most comprehensive Autodesk data management product. Vault Professional is offered as a custom course based on the business’ needs.

Autodesk Vault Consultancy

Quite often the path to successful implementation is not clear. For customers that have yet to implement Vault solution, Total CAD Systems, Inc. offers consultancy services to help businesses define scope of their installation, discuss best practices for implementing Vault, and formulate an implementation plan.

Autodesk Vault Implementation Services

Once scope has been successfully completed and approved, Total CAD Systems, Inc. also offers Vault implementation services to help businesses optimize their use of Autodesk Vault software. Our Vault implementation services include:

• Autodesk Vault software installation
• Users set up
• Server back up
• Vault software and import data configuration
• Define work cycle, such as user rights and different stages of file category, etc.

Autodesk Vault Support

Once the project has been scoped and implemented and users have had the correct level of Autodesk Vault training, Total CAD Systems, Inc. also offers ongoing Autodesk Vault support to maximize your use of the software and return on investment.

Contact (281) 445-6161 if you are interested in scheduling Autodesk Vault training or other Inventor training courses or to further discuss Vault requirements. 

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