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Graitec Advance Design Structural Analysis Tutorials

Tutorial 1: 2D steel frame modelling and analysis using Graitec Advance Design 2021

This tutorial teaches users how to model and design a simple 2D Frame using our structural analysis solution Advance Design. We first start with a static analysis and then, based on the results, we calculate the design ratio using CSA-S16. Ideal for new users, this tutorial will help familiarise yourself with our simple interface and the different options available for design and results.

Download Advance Design 2021 Tutorial 1 (PDF published 2020-08-20) 

Tutorial 2: 3D steel frame modeling and design in Graitec Advance Design 2021

In this tutorial we teach users how to model and design a 3D structure using our finite element solution Advance Design. The model includes steel elements such as beams, columns, plates and bracings. First, we perform a static analysis based on 3 types of loads (dead, live and wind), and then, we calculate the stability of the structure by applying notional loads in accordance with the code CSA-S16. Finally, we go over the various results options in the software.

Download Advance Design 2021 Tutorial 2 (PDF published 2020-08-20) 


Graitec PowerPack Premium for Advance Steel

With this FREE 5-hours online class recording, you will learn how to use time-saving, mind-blowing Graitec's PowerPack Professional 2021 for Advance Steel. With redesigned layout and dialogs, see how this set of productivity tools will, without a doubt, help you model and detail easier and faster in Autodesk Advance Steel. 

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