AutoCAD Update Training Courses

AutoCAD update  training - Ever since Autodesk unleashed their first ever version of this feature rich and powerful software the company has embarked on a very aggressive upgrade program to introduce new features and time saving productivity tools into the software.

AutoCAD-trainingThe challenge facing most users however is quite often they do not have sufficient time to skill up and put new functionality to good use within their business so although they may be on the latest version of AutoCAD they are not making the best of their investment.

AutoCAD update training is designed to bring you back up to speed with the functionality and additions to the very latest version of the software. This AutoCAD training course last generally for two days and is primarily aimed at experienced and power users so is not suitable for beginners.

Topics covered will vary depending on the latest version of the software that has been released but include over 50 topics under the following headings:

    • Heads-up Design
    • Annotation enhancements
    • Productivity enhancements
    • Working with Blocks
    • Migration
    • 3D Solid Primitives

To find out more about the course content and full course agenda for the current version or to discuss your AutoCAD training requirement simply give us a call on (281) 445-6161.


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