AutoCAD LT Training Courses

AutoCAD LT training on Autodesk’s entry level CAD but extremely powerful 2D drafting software. Although it may only be the entry level AutoCAD drafting software it still shares many of the 2D drawing tools found in the much more expensive full version of the software.

AutoCAD-trainingAutoCAD LT is ideally suited to amending existing none specialist .dwg files and is widely used for layout planning, architectural drafting, engineering drawings and every day drafting requirements.

This hands on course 3/4 day AutoCAD LT training course covers the basic drawing and drafting tools needed for every day use and is an ideal foundation for users new to AutoCad.

Due to the similarity the AutoCAD LT shares with the full version of AutoCAD the skill learnt using this software are directly transferrable to other versions of AutoCAD software should your career path move you in that direction or your company upgrades to one of Autodesk’s more powerful drafting tools.

No previous computer aided design skills are needed but attendees do need to be computer literate and familiar with windows XP/Vista or Windows 7.

Brief Course Outline:

    • Navigating ACAD LT's interface
    • Working with ACAD LT files
    • Displaying objects
    • Using ACAD LT's layers
    • Using ACAD LT's linetypes, and inquiry commands
    • Creating basic ACAD drawings
    • Inputting data
    • Creating basic ACAD LT objects
    • Using object snaps in ACAD LT
    • Using polar tracking and Polar snaps
    • Working with ACAD units
    • Using ACAD's function keys
    • Using dynamic input

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