AutoCAD 3D Training Courses

AutoCAD 3D Training - Unleash the 3D power of AutoCAD software. AutoCAD software is principally known as the worlds leading 2D drafting software but successive releases have seen substantial developments in the 3D capabilities of the software.

AutoCAD-3D-TrainingWhilst not at the level of Autodesk's industry specific 3D modelling software packages ACAD's 3D tools are still very powerful if used correctly, and by participating in an AutoCAD 3D training course you will create an added dimension to both your use of the software and your companies conceptual design and visualisation capabilities.

Visualization has become an increasingly important aspect of design and communication to internal teams and end clients and the skills learnt on the AutoCAD 3D training course will enable you to put these to good use within your business.

This AutoCAD training course is suitable for experienced ACAD users familiar with the 2D aspects of ACAD but wishing to explore/use 3D and increase productivity.

The course duration is 1 day and covers the following main 3D topics:

    • Solid Modelling basics
    • 3D Faces
    • 3D Wireface modelling
    • 3D perspectives
    • Presentation drawings
    • Automating 2D drawing from 3D models

The above is a brief outline of the topics covered on an AutoCAD 3D training course but if you would like more information about additional CAD courses available or 3D in ACAD, or any of the other 3D modelling packages please give us a call on (281) 445-6161.

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