Working from home with Autodesk Advance Steel

These past days, everyone is talking about it. It is taking unprecedent proportions, employers fear it! COVID-19 pandemic announcements have a real impact on businesses.

Rest assured, there are solutions for your business and they cost much less than stopping all activities.

Here are some recommendations for Autodesk Advance Steel workplaces.

Autodesk products usually work well on Remote Desktop (RDP). This solution is easy to use, and quite affordable.

If you aren't already running Advance Steel on high-end laptops, purchase inexpensive laptops for employees who don't have one. You don't need to go high-end and splurge they will simply use it to connect to their office workstation that will be doing all the hard work.

Do to this, you will need to coordinate with your IT staff or external IT firm who will need to setup proper rights on the domains.

For Autodesk subscription-based customers

If you are currently subscription-based, and already working from your laptop: Good for you! You can already work from home. Just make sure to transfer your project locally, you were working from network at the office.

If at home, you own a computer strong enough to run Autodesk Advance Steel, you can simply install the software and use your usual Autodesk credentials to work from home. 

Make sure to back up your settings folder, from your workstation though. This will be around 1 Gig of data. So, use a flash drive or portable external drive to do it. 

Your will find the main folder located here: “C:\ProgramData\Autodesk\Advance Steel 2020”.

Make sure to copy the USA or your installed country abbreviation folder entirely. This is much easier than sorting everything out.

If your settings were centralized on a server, coordinate this step with your IT people. They should provide you a copy of the different databases and Prototypes.

There is also the possibility of using BIM360 if RDP is not a solution for your company. With BIM360 and Desktop Connector, you can work directly from the cloud as if from your server. It may require some changes to your regular workflow, but this alternative should be considered.

For additional information, Graitec customers may contact their local support teams.

Useful link: USA Tech Support

Stay safe, stay healthy!
Olivier Gervais and all of us at Graitec

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