What's New in Plant 3D 2018

It's that time of year again for the new release of AutoCAD Plant 3D. Looking through the new features, I must say, I am happy with the new enhancements in Plant 3D 2018. 

First, let's start with some AutoCAD P&ID News. Autodesk has decided to stop the sale of standalone P&ID, dropped the Plant 3D Price so it is more in line with other AutoCAD verticals and more economical for both P&ID and Plant 3D customers. It started to make less sense for Autodesk to maintain both products separately when the features of one are already completely in the other, the other being Plant 3D, which has always come with all the P&ID features already built into it.


In the 2018 release, Off Page Connectors in P&ID now connect Instrument Lines, as well as OPCs, within the same drawing. Autodesk is working on extending P&ID Content and Templates to better support building schematics design diagrams as the tool of choice.

The AutoCAD P&ID Data Manager has also improved by adding Search to the Project Manager. With this improvement, you can now find any file fast.

P&ID is now Spec Driven, which allows you to perform validations against the same pipe specs you use in Plant 3D. Even if you do not have the specs available, you can still keep on drafting until you do.

PID Spec Driven Project

AutoCAD Plant 3D 2018

Plant 3D 2018 now ships with starter Instrumentation Catalogs and Specs, along with the ability to create new Instrument components in the Spec Editor. It also has the capability to create Instrumentation palette to enhance the creation of new instrument components.

Plant 3D Tool Palette

PCF Export from Revit
Revit 2018 have the ability to export PCF files, remember several clients uses Revit for some Plant projects and now they can use that PCF for pipe stress analysis and for ISO drawing generation.

Autodesk BIM 360 Team (Cloud Based Collaboration)
Set up time: effectively Zero
Share your project by using the built in PlantProjectCollaboration command to upload your Plant 3D/P&ID project to a BIM 360 Team folder, and invite your team. Plant will automatically manage check in/check out, project synch, etc. by default.

Isometric drawing generation in the cloud
We have also moved the ISO engine into the cloud and turned it into a service. This enables users to generate as many ISO’s as they want. . Since we process and save the ISOs in the cloud to BIM360 Team, drawings are automatically available to everyone who has access to the BIM360 Team Project.

These are just a few of the new enhancements in 2018. Register for the What's New in Plant 3D 2018 Webinar on May 23rd at 10am CST for more new features. 

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