Vault Tips - Checking the Autodesk Vault File Category Filter

During an Autodesk Vault fine tuning process, I discovered a slight change in the Vault category filter check.

In your rule panel, you may have set a rule that checks to see if an Inventor drawing is using the .dwg extension, something like below (Note, I discovered the issue with Vault 2016, it could have been in Vault 2015 as well.):

Inventor drawing rule

If you have a file matching the condition above, and you check the actual property entry for “Provider” in the Autodesk Vault property panel, you will notice the value returned is “Inventor DWG” not “Inventor”. See below:

Inventor vault property panel

You’ll note the drawing did not get placed in the Development category (classification) simply because it failed the test. The Provider value is not Inventor, but Inventor DWG, so your rule should look like this:

Inventor dwg provider

So now, the Autodesk Inventor drawing, just added to the Vault, will be in the proper category, see below:

Inventor vault category

Just a quick update on a slight change. Subscribe to our blog for more great Vault tips.

Happy Vaulting,

Mike B.

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