Organizing the look of Vault

Recently, I presented a short webcast on working with Vault from a daily operations point of view. Many items were reviewed during the webcast. One of those was the ability to apply fitters to the “Main Pane” view of the Vault, providing an easy way to organize the display of your files.

Let’s get started setting up how you want your “Main Pane” to appear, just for you.

The figure below represents the look to be achieved.

Vault OrgLookFig1

The steps needed to configure this “Main Pane” are outlined below:

  • Select property to define the filter from the any file I-property.
    • In this example, “File Extension
  • Add the “File Extension” column to the Vault Main Pane
  • Expose the “Group by Box
  • Select the “File Extension” as the “Group By This Field
  • Now your files are sorted and displayed by the file extensions, iam’s, ipt’s etc.

That’s all there is to it. So, let’s begin…

With the Vault client, open select a project folder, in the example below I have selected <_Saw_Guide\100> as the folder to arrange the view for. 

Vault OrgLookFig2The Property now needs to be added to the “Main Pane” so that I can use it in the filtering process. Select any column header in the “Main Pain”, and right click.

Vault OrgLookFig3Select from the right click menu, “Customize View”, and then the “Fields” button.

Vault OrgLook Fig4Search through the “Available fields” panel, until “File Extension” is located.

Select the add button to move “File Extension” to the “Show these fields in this order” panel, and select OK button. See figure below.

Vault OrgLook Fig5

Completing this operation will result in the panel shown above with the result shown below.

Vault OrgLookFig6

Select the close button to update the “Main Pane” and it should now include a new column representing the File Extension property. 
Vault OrgLookFig7

Highlight the “File Extension” column, right click and select the “Group By This Field”.
Vault OrgLookFig8

Once completing the steps above, our “Main Pane” should look as shown in Figure 9 below.
Vault OrgLookFig9

Finally, the complete result:
Vault OrgLookFig10

If you're interested in Vault training, check our Vault course offerings or contact our office (281) 445-6161.

1.       Select from the right click menu, “Customize View”, and then the “Fields” button

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