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Shaping Terrain in InfraWorks 360/InfraWorks 360 LT

If you have ever tried putting a building in InfraWorks, and the terrain isn't quite flat, you might have noticed that some of the building ends up under the terrain. Below is an image showing how it might look to you...

building terrain reduced

Notice that the front of the house is not touching the terrain, while the back of the house is underground. This can be fixed quite easily with a coverage area.

The problem is, if you use a coverage area, you might find it extremely difficult to match the color of the aerial imagery. What if you could shape the terrain, use a coverage area, but have the coverage area be your actual aerial?

This can be accomplished very easily. The result of the procedure will look like the image below...

shaped terrain

Some would think that you would have to create a custom coverage area, or make the coverage area transparent; but quite the contrary. It's much easier than that. 

A quick explanation of how this works:

Place your building, or house in your model. Locate it where you want it. Create a coverage area (this can be any style right out of the box). Right-click on your coverage area and choose Shape Terrain. Pick the UP arrow and drag it up to your desired setting. The building will automatically sit flat on top of your new, shaped terrain. Once you have it shaped to your desired height, then right-click on it once again and choose Properties. Simply delete the Manual Style and click the Update button. That's it!

Below is a step-by-step video on how to accomplish this, enjoy...

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