Autodesk's New Seat Usage Reporting


Now more than ever is a great time to switch to Autodesk's subscription model. Autodesk just anounced that they are now providing usage reports on their Autodesk software. You will now be able to know what software (specific product and year-version) is being used, and how often. You will be able to export the data in CSV format, as well as see bar graphs and pie charts for easier reading.

The new Autodesk usage reporting feature can be found under the contract manager's Autodesk account, under the Reporting section, listed as Seat Usage. See image below:

The view from the contract manager's Autodesk Account.


You will need to have an active subscription plan (please contact us directly if you are interested in using the Autodesk subscription model) and be using software that is compatible with the reporting service. AutoCAD, Revit, and Civil 3D are just a few for which the seat usage reporting will work. For a complete list please visit Autodesk's list of supported products for the seat usage reporting feature.

 Please note there are some products which are not supported and those are also listed in the linked page provided above.

Final Thoughts

Graitec USA's support team is fully capable and willing to help you understand this new Autodesk feature available to contract managers. We ask that you give us a call and talk to one of our support team members for further assistance.

Example from Autodesk's site on the new Seat Usage Reporting feature.

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