PowerPack for Revit Feature: Category Visibility

With so many powerful tools in the Graitec PowerPack for Revit, I want to highlight a feature in this add-on. The ability to modify Category Visibility using filters is a unique option.

Category Visibility

We have all used Visibility Graphics in Revit to control the categories that are visible in the current view.  Every time we open the visibility graphics dialog we are greeted with a long list of categories with no option to filter a category by name.  While we are able to filter the categories by discipline (Architecture Structure, Mechanical, Electrical, Piping), we are still left with every category available in that specific discipline.

PP Category Visibility

With the Category Visibility available from the Graitec PowerPack, you can filter categories by name. For example, if all you need to search for is the door category, just type it into the search box. Also, as you turn categories on and off, you will see the categories update real time.

Set Category Visibility

Filter Category Visbility

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