PowerPack for Revit Feature: File Updater

How many times have you repeated the process of updating a Revit file from a previous version to the current version? If you have done this, you know that you must repeat the process for each file that needs to be upgraded.  Where is the easy button?

PP file updater option

With the File Updater from the Graitec PowerPack, you can update multiple files at once. Instead of waiting to update one file at a time, you can select to update an entire folder consisting of Projects, Families, and Templates.

The process is straight forward with the File Updater:

  1. Select the save mode – Copy Files or Overwrite Files
  2. Select the file types to update
  3. Select the Source Folder and the Destination Folder
  4. Click OK (this will open each file in batch mode and save it to the Destination Folder)

PP File Updater

With the File Updater, not only will you save time, but you will relieve the hassle of having to update projects, families, and templates one by one.

Check out our post on the Category Visibility feature in Revit Powerpack. To see more features in PowerPack for Revit, register for our PowerPack webinar.

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