Ideal settings to have for the Model Browser in Advance Steel 2018

Advance Steel 2018 Ideal browser settings helps you identify if elements in the structure have a model role and numbered etc. If you have created drawings it even lets you locate the drawing number the element is detailed on. You have the option to view, check and efficiently change certain aspects of multiple elements quickly and efficiently by selecting the Edit properties box.

Access the Model Browser by selecting the Home tab, and from the Extended Modeling tab select the Advance Steel Tool Palette button.

Advance Steel 2018 Tool Palette.jpg

Select the fifth category down and then from the first row hit the second icon.

Advance Steel 2018 Model Browsing.jpg

To insert a new column, simply select the heading you want the new column to appear. Right click and choose insert column. Additionally, you can remove a column. Select the properties heading and from the flyout, you can choose what properties of the elements in the structure you want visible.

For this example, the Object type column has been added after the Model Role column on the “Sort by main part” section. You can get more properties of the components/ elements in the structure from the Naming Category also. Repeat the same for “Sort by single part” and if desired, “Sort by preliminary part”.

Advance Steel 2018 ideal settings for model browser.jpg

See reults below.

Advance Steel 2018 ideal settings for model browser results.jpg



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