How to Use a Customized Prototype Created in Default Location in Advance Steel 2018

Whoa, I’ve opened the Prototypes folder located in C/ProgramData/Autodesk/Advance Steel 2018/USA/shared/Support/Prototypes.

I copied an existing prototype and created a custom Prototype (Title block) for my company and saved it in this default location of Advance Steel.

I create drawings and Advance Steel is using the Prototype aka Title blocks from the default setup, not my customized Prototypes. I get a warning that says “Prototype not found.”

How can I have Advance Steel recognize my custom Prototype?

Advance Steel is able to recognize your custom prototype, however, you need to map it to the correct Drawing process.

Please watch the video to view the steps to have Advance Steel 2018 recognize and use a customized Prototype that was created in the default location.



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