How to Reference Connections Created by Camera to a Key Plan View in Advance Steel 2017

Using Advance Steel Cameras at node tool, it is easy to create drawings of connections in your structure and reference them to a plan view.

First,define the camera symbol presentation. How do you want the camera symbol to be displayed on drawings?

This can be done from the (ASMT) Advance Steel Management Tools by selecting the Defaults category. Use the filter option and type “Camera in the field.”

Select the detailing camera representation type from Drawing-Presentation sub category>General.

Place the UCS at the level where your connections are located, “Create cameras(s) at node” tool and define the camera direction.

By using the Drawing Process, “Cameras”, you have the option of “Selected cameras” or “All Cameras.

Choose your required sheet size and the details are automatically created.

From the Drawing style GA Plans, Elevations/Sections category you can choose a ready-made template.

Select the elements you want included on the plan view and the drawing is created with the camera referenced to the plan view.

Advance Steel

Hope you enjoy the video.

- Janet Black, Advance Steel Specialist

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