How to Create Claddings in Advance Steel

It is easy to create claddings to a specified area of a structure using the Advance Steel cladding tools, located on the Extended Modeling tab, Structural elements panel. Similar standard panels can also be used for decking.

Simply place the UCS accordingly then define the cladding area using the “Define cladding area tool” once the area is defined create any cut outs or openings using the “Define cladding opening tool.”

Once these parameters are defined you can now create the claddings using the “Create cladding tool.”

Within the properties dialog box, you will find an extensive library of cladding and decking sections where you can adjust the orientation and finishing properties as well as the placement offset, cut per slope and much more!

If you're interested in Advance Steel training, check out our course offerings.

-Janet Black, Advance Steel Specialist GRAITEC Canada

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