How to change weld symbol to show inches only

To have the weld symbol show inches only (ex. for weld pitch), you will need to set your prototype Length units to Fractional Inch under Project Settings. When you create drawings from that prototype and add weld symbols, you will be able to enter 12 and higher values and not have them convert to feet and inch.

project data


However, this setting also affects labels in overall dimensions. The length will show in inches only.1


The overall dimension uses the %Length token. You can utilize key values to change its units back to architectural feet and inches. If you have a drawing already created, you will need to add [20,1,444] between % and Length of the length token of the Dimension label (go to Advance Properties of that overall dimension):


If you need to change the token to different units or precisions, the key values in the brackets are from different Unit tables in the AstorBase database. This is the format it follows: [Units,UnitsType,UnitsPrecision].

To change this for all future drawings, you will need to make this change in your drawing style. The Dimension label would be part of the Mp X = Assembly overall (+Mp infos) GTA dimension request.

Example: go to Drawing Style Manager >> expand User >> 5 – Assemblies >> 5 – Beam >> 5- Beam- Front >> View dimensions >> select Mp X = Assembly overall (+Mp infos) GTA and then select the Dimension label tab:


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