How to Change the Slope Dimensions to Display in Inches or Only Degree in Advance Steel 2018

When working in Advance Steel, there are different setting options for slope dimensions. If your setting is set to display in feet, you can change it to inches or degrees. Let's take a look at how you can do this.


You have created a drawing which have sloped dimensions on it. You want the dimensions to display in inches rather than feet. Perhaps you have a client that wants to have the slope dimensions displayed in degrees rather than inches. How do you accomplish this in Advance Steel?


This can be done locally on each drawing sheet, however, what if you have the same scenario on hundreds of sheets?

Not to worry. You can make the changes globally and have the changes reflect the created sheets after updating the database and using the force Update for the drawing or by updating the drawing in question.


Check out this video to see how you can change your settings:

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