Export Advance Steel to Inventor STEP or IGES File Format

Workflows between different Autodesk solutions can sometimes be a bit convoluted but most people will come up with a sensible work around that ultimately gives them a solution but may be somewhat cumbersome.

One topic that rears its head from time to time is exporting Advance Steel components to an engineering file format such as STEP or IGES. This could be as part of an effective internal workflow to Autodesk Inventor, a collaborative data exchange with other companies using non-Autodesk 3D Modelling software or even for import into CNC machinery that can read .stp and .iges file formats.

For AS to Inventor workflows between internal users, this typically involves a process of exploding the original file (once you have taken a copy of course) or even using AutoCAD Mechanical as part of your process. But what if you are an Advance Steel user and need to simply export an IGES or STEP file?

With Graitec’s latest release of PowerPack for Advance Steel you can do exactly that and export parts, assemblies and even models to both IGES and STEP formats to streamline your workflows.

To find out more about the Powerpack for Advance Steels workflow with Autodesk Inventor, watch the video below.

Discover how the PowerPack for Advance Steel can increase productivity with its powerful tools for cold rolled detailing, plate creation and more by heading over to our webpage. Alternatively, click on the button below to request more information.

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