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Civil 3D to Stingray

Autodesk has a gaming engine called Stingray. Not only is it a gaming engine, it's also a real-time rendering software. This software has a direct connection with 3ds Max now. 

You can also create some pretty cool VR experiences with Stingray. 

As promised from last week, I am taking a Civil project and bringing it into Autodesk‚Äôs Stingray, which is a gaming engine. This is a pretty neat workflow. A big thanks to Andy Carter with CivilE for showing me this workflow.

Hopefully, you will get a lot out of this and maybe start using it. I have shown how to use a vehicle in the scene. You can also use the standard person to use in your scene as an alternative.

See video below:

Navisworks 2017.2 Update
Advance Steel Academy 2017

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