BIM For Manufacturers Not Just Construction

BIM is for manufacturers not just Construction companies, and smart businesses are already recognising the profit opportunities that participating in BIM projects delivers.

mechanicalBIMThere is simply no denying the buzz that is revolving around the construction industry when it comes to Building information Modelling, as the return on investment, and subsequent reduction in project costs and lead time is clearly defined by many authority websites on the subject.

But that said in order to deliver a project in BIM, buy in is needed from all levels and all contractors that are involved in the project, otherwise the central model remains incomplete and therefore prone to potential errors, on site clashes and of course project over runs.

As with any new or emerging paradigm shift one development does tend to spawn others and in this case BIM for manufacturers is one of these unforeseen growing developments.

Smart and savvy businesses such as leading rooflight manufacturer Glazing vision are already on the cutting edge of this trend and entering the BIM for manufacturing arena, by ensuring that their products are easily specified and equally as important are technically correct.

This is achieved by providing Revit ready content for projects they are already involved in as well as potential future projects they hope to win, and as in any construction scenario contractors and suppliers that add value to the BIM process and make it easy for Principal contractors, building owners and stakeholders to deliver BIM will surely grow their market share at the expense of their competitors.

mbimplatformAs with the adoption of the digital prototyping revolution, in the Bim for manufacturers' arena there are bound to be winners and losers though.

Some manufacturers will clearly see the profit potential that is there for the taking (as well as the intangible aspects of increased exposure to their market place), whilst others will sit on the fence before joining in with the masses.

As all successful business owners are aware, the first manufacturers to market invariably tend to enjoy the lions share of any emerging marketplace, so the big question is when do you want to be in the BIM for manufacturers supply chain?

If your business supplies to the construction industry and you want to join the growing BIM for manufacturers supply chain or collaborate in BIM projects give us a call on (281) 445-6161 to speak to one of our consultants.

To BIM or Not To BIM - That Is The Question

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