AutoCAD Plant 3D Tips & Tricks: Piping Part Insertion and Elevation & Routing

I've seen many clients type in the command for piping part insertion and changing the elevation and routing when these commands are readily available with a simple click of a button in the Ribbon. Here are some quick Ribbon tips that are useful when completing these tasks:

1) While in the process of adding an elbow to the pipe, to change the regular elbow into a Cut Back Elbow or shorter elbow, select the “Toggle Cutback Elbow” located on the Part Insertion panel.

P3D Toggle Cutback Elbow

2) To switch a common elbow into a Pipe Bend, select the “Toggle Pipe Bends” located on the Part Insertion panel to activate it.

P3D Toggle Pipe Bends

3) Select “Elevation & Routing” Panel and select the starting pipe elevation and either BOP, COP, TOP to start routing pipe.

P3D Starting Pipe ElevationP3D BOP COP TOP

4) Select “Elevation & Routing” Panel and select the Arrow down for even more Routing selections.

P3D Elevation Routing ArrowP3D Elevation Routing Panel

5) Select “Elevation & Routing” Panel and select the Arrow down on the Right side to set “Offset Connect”.

P3D Arrow RightP3D Offset Connect


Hope this helps!

If you are interested in learning more tips & tricks in our AutoCAD Plant 3D Fundamentals training course, please visit our AutoCAD Plant training page.

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