AutoCAD P&ID Tips and Tricks

Many users, whether novice or proficient, have used the AutoCAD P&ID software without realizing there are some features or shortcuts that could help make their lives a little easier. Below are 5 AutoCAD P&ID Tips and Tricks that are so simple yet beneficial to users in a project:

1) Designers sometimes need to view the P&ID or the structural drawing as reference during the design of 3D Pipe. By using the following tip, that should be accomplished easier even if the P&ID drawing is already opened by another user. Recycle between open drawings in AutoCAD P&ID and Plant 3D by holding the “Ctrl” key down in your keyboard and clicking the “Tab” button on the keyboard.

2) While using the Data Manager, clients did not like the amount of properties available on the Data Manager window; they wanted to be able to see them in a subjective way. It is possible to hide multiple columns, however, it has to be done column by column. When you use the Unhide option, all hidden columns will be displayed in their original position

3) In the Data Manager window, by default, the tree view shows only nodes with content in the current drawing or project. You can refresh the Data Manager view at any point to return all columns to the default descending sort order. Refreshing the data view also refreshes annotations on Off-page Connectors in the current drawing.

4) A client once asked the differences between tags and Annotations. The quick answer is that Tag is Data and Annotation is Text. The most important difference is that the Tag is unique and the annotation is not necessarily unique. Annotations are placed as linked annotations on the drawing. The active text style is used for the annotation at the time it is placed.

5) When you select a line and a certain other item highlights, what is going on there? If there are multiple items linked with each other, for example, a primary line group, all primary line objects belonging to that group will be shown or highlighted.

For more information on AutoCAD P&ID or if you're interested in training, please give us a call (281) 445-6161 or visit our AutoCAD P&ID training page.


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