Precision / accuracy of BOM lists:
All material sizes are shown to 2 decimal points. This is much more accurate than needed, and so just takes up unnecessary space on the list.

For the BOM on drawings, it comes from the template that is used to create the BOM lists. These are an AutoCAD DWG file made up on group and field elements, the precision of this comes from the Autodesk Advance Steel Project Settings button, and the weight element under that setting.

So you can either create your own copy and change it out in all the files, or change the setting in the actual template, so when you create a BOM on drawing there is no decimal places.

Templates in BOM

· Locate the template in the BOM on drawing folder.
· In open file, use project settings button found on the Ribbon home tab under Setting panel.
· Go to the weight unit and change precision to the required value, in this Case “0”.

Weight Unit AS Precision

· Save and close the file.

Then if drawing already exists with BOM in place, use the Update lists button in the Label and dimensions ribbon, on the Management panel, this will then reset the lists to the new decimal setting.

Reset lists with new decimal setting

Please note, that if you swap version it will revert, unless you remember to change or you create your own templates and then transfer them across version to version. This was to be part of the prototype review and update according to implementation plan.

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