Administration Tips for Vault Users

There's no question that working with Vault requires a little planning, but with proper management, you can avoid minor headaches in maintaining your Vault. Here are a couple administration tips for Vault Users that could help prevent some simple hiccups.

User Account Management:
Management of Autodesk Vault users is a highly important function of an effective Vault implementation. User names and passwords, once created seem to get relegated to a low priority status. In short, out of mind, out of sight, thus the problem. So many users set the “Automatic log in next session” and completely forget their password. This is a critical issue when the Administrator user’s password cannot be remembered. Ouch! Worst case is the "Automatic log in next session" has been switched off. Really OUCH! I would highly recommend the Administrative password be managed by at least two vault participants, just as insurance.

vault login

So many times I’m called in to provide a service on a Vault installation, and upon arrival at the site, I find the last time the backup ran was several weeks ago, or worse, 762 days ago. Vault backups are a critical component of a disaster recovery plan, in some cases, a valid Vault backup may be the only way to recover from an incident. Yes, I.T. will be backing up the server, that is a component as well, but in the event files or folders were deleted from the current active Vault, a previous Vault backup is the only item that has data captured before the deletion event. It will be faster to restore last night's “Vault Backup” than the entire server. Vault Backups can be automated via a scheduled server task, or run manually, purely a user preference. A proper Vault backup is run (manually) from the Autodesk Vault Server Console and should be executed by the “Administrator” account or a Vault user created specifically to run backups. See below:

Vault Admin Console

Note in the figure above in the lower right corner, the user is “administrator”. This user generally has all the required rights to perform the backup operations.

Vault Backup Panel

The Vault Data Management Console usually needs to be accessed from the server, how the server is accessed is up to the I.T department's user server rights. Vault backups represent your company’s product, history, revisions, part and assembly relationships; it is important data. I recommend backups be made daily and kept weekly and monthly. This insures the ability to recover from a bad day in the Vault world.

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Happy Vaulting…


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