Adding New Materials to Your Preferred Sizes Category in Advance Steel

Here is the dilemma, you have a material that is not listed in the Advance steel databases. Advance steel is completely customizable so if you like to push buttons, you will be able to add a new material to the database and append the newly created material to the Preferred Sizes. The Advance Steel Management Tools allows you access to the Object properties category where you can create a new material. Once the material is created, it will be added to the Available classes.

By selecting the Preferred Sizes category, you can then choose the object type you want to add the newly created material to by navigating to the created material and selecting it from the Available Classes. You can then add it to the Preferred Classes by selecting the Add arrow.

Remember to lock your changes into the Advance steel databases by going back to the Default category and selecting “loading settings in advance.”

Check out this video to see how you can do this:

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