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Frank Lemus

Revit 2020.1 Update is Now Available

The latest update for Revit 2020 has a few new enhancements to offer, including:  Replacing the 3D analytical model with a view that displays analytical spaces with the model categories set as an underlay. The ability to set rows in schedules to...
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Frank Lemus

Updates Required

Updates Required for Continued Access to Autodesk Software   Tuesday, June 11, 2019   Recently, Autodesk discovered a " man-in-the-middle " (MITM) loophole in their software. Autodesk has since fixed the loophole on the newest Autodesk soft...
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Todd Rogers

Shaping Terrain in InfraWorks 360/InfraWorks 360 LT

If you have ever tried putting a building in InfraWorks, and the terrain isn't quite flat, you might have noticed that some of the building ends up under the terrain. Below is an image showing how it might look to you... Notice that the front of the ...
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Todd Rogers

Civil 3D Drawing Format

I want to clear up some confusion.  I have been getting several calls about the 2017 drawing format with Civil 3D .  As you may be aware, 2017 does have the 2013 drawing format.  So, nothing changed with the drawing format.  Howev...
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